About WellBeings

From 20th July 2020 I am resuming seeing face to face clients for most therapies I offer at my premises in Belton (though face massages are not permitted at present).   I am looking forward to putting my 18 years experience as a Holistic Therapist back into practice after this enforced break.

I am working strictly within Government, NHS and Federation of Holistic Therapists guidelines regarding Covid-19 specific health and safety requirements.

During lockdown I have completely refurbished my work room to include a beautiful wall mural of a tropical beach and have all new towels and uniform ready to commence work.   I also recently updated my First Aid at Work knowledge.  I have revamped my leaflet which will soon be printed.  Plus, I am working on a new leaflet to promote Clinical Hypnotherapy.  I began this training in September 2019 and it has been a very intensive and in depth training lasting nine months.  Watch this space for much more information on how Clinical Hypnotherapy can help just about anyone with life’s many challenges.  I have been using the techniques on myself since the beginning of my training and definitely feel the benefit.  My practice clients have also given wonderful feedback too.

I am feeling very positive about relaunching my business and very much look forward to reconnecting with existing and new clients in the near future and if you have any questions at all please do get in touch.

Stay Safe and Stay Well

THANK YOU – Hayley


Way back in 2001 I tried Reflexology as I was in a high pressure job and really stressed and suffering from a few stress related ailments. The benefits in terms of better sleep, deep relaxation and feeling more balanced, for me, happened at that very first appointment. Reflexology really fascinated me and I was keen to learn more. The principle behind Reflexology is that the organs, glands and systems of the body are reflected in miniature on the hands and feet, so by using a pressure point technique, a state of better balance can often be achieved. It is a holistic therapy, which means it treats you as a whole – mind, body and spirit and also works alongside any other therapies or medication so is truly complementary. That first reflexology session blew me away, so I had more and then I wanted to learn more. So I spent around 9 months studying evenings and weekends. In fact every spare moment around my stressful full time job. I found an amazing teacher and did my Reflexology Diploma and Anatomy & Physiology Certificate with the IEB, which involved masses of coursework, reading, case studies and examinations (3 hour written exams for both A&P and Reflexology and a 90min practical exam for Reflexology). I was delighted when I heard that I had passed these with a Distinction – the highest grade I could have achieved. These were the first exams I had done for about 12 years so you can imagine I was really pleased. I always knew I wanted to be self employed, however, until I discovered Reflexology I had not known how I would achieve that and what I would do. Reflexology literally changed my life for the better !!! 😄 I love my job and now I can help others feel better too, for which I am very grateful.


Great for the Workplace

The perfect antidote to a busy and stressful lifestyle.
This seated upper body (back/neck/shoulders) massage is perfect to fit into a busy day. No oil is used as the massage is done through light clothing.  Some people find the more upright position helpful, particularly if they have lower back issues. Chair Massage is ideal for anyone with a desk or driving job.
These clinics are very popular and are often fully booked. If you’d like to enquire whether there is a space please text Hayley on 07774 951282. For more details on the benefits click here Chair Massage

 Hayley Drakes established WellBeings in 2002
to offer natural holistic therapies to help with

L E T   G O   O F   S T R E S S

Caring for yourself is a necessity
Give yourself some much deserved ME TIME
and permission to RELAX and feel BALANCED

path in grass
Cyden Perplex (plex to his friends) enjoying massage 17 April 2012

Most of Hayley’s Clients enjoy a variety of Holistic Therapies at her home studio “Sunflower Studio” in Belton, North Lincolnshire where Clients enjoy an oasis of calm with ample free parking.

SPECIAL OFFERS (see yellow box below)

All Therapies are Complementary to medication and other therapies.
If you suspect you have a medical condition, you must consult your Medical Practitioner for a diagnosis.

“I am grateful to ALL my Clients who help my business continue to be successful and develop.  Over the years I have had much positive and constructive feedback.  I particularly thank those who have given kind permission to use testimonials and special thanks to Clients /Guardians who have very kindly given permission to use their own and their animal friends’ photographs. I am privileged to do such rewarding work. It is great to do a job you love and heartening to know that holistic therapies do make a real difference.” – Hayley Drakes

Holistic Therapies offered include Reflexology, Indian Champissage™, Holistic Body Massage with Aromatherapy, Chair Massage (seated/clothed), Lava Shell Massage, Facial Rejuvenation Massage, Tsuboki® Face Massage, Ear Candling, Reiki and Maternity Reflexology.  NB: Aromatherapy and Lava Shell massages are the only two therapies where disrobing to underwear is required and towels are used for warmth and dignity.
Please see the page on Potential Benefits and the separate pages for each therapy for more information.
Hayley provides Chair Massage/Therapy Clinics (min 6 people) at other premises/workplaces/equine establishments.
Self Help Workshops and Talks are also offered on various holistic therapy topics.
Hayley loves animals and enjoys using the energy therapy Reiki for animals with all species in return for a donation to rescue animals.
Reiki Training is available too.
To book or ask for further information please either ring, text or email Hayley Drakes (see contact details at the top of each page) or complete the contact form on this website.