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Clinical Hypnotherapy


A state of relaxation and heightened awareness induced by suggestion

Clinical Hypnotherapy has been used to assist and manage a wide range of issues and the list may include sleep issues, digestive issues, self esteem, confidence, body/self image, personal development, public speaking, sports performance, emotional challenges, obstetrics (hypnobirthing), releasing unwanted habits and behaviours (smoking cessation and weight management), fears and phobias, long covid issues and many more.

A completely safe therapeutic process.  We all enter hypnosis many times throughout the day – when falling asleep, when waking, when daydreaming, when driving along on ‘autopilot’, when engrossed in a good book or tv programme.  Many of our bodily functions are undertaken subconsciously – without us consciously thinking about them (heartrate, breathing for example) and many activities we do daily, we do without thinking about each step apart from when we are learning a process.

Hypnotherapy utilises a deeply relaxed state where the Client is not asleep, however, is fully conscious and able to respond to the therapist.  During hypnotherapy a Client’s senses are 30% enhanced so they will be fully aware of all that is going on around them and are always in full control and able to exercise choice and are encouraged to do so during the session.  Therefore, the Client can choose whether to accept any of the positive suggestions offered to achieve their desired outcome and will only accept suggestions in line with their values.

The subconscious is where we hold past experiences, thoughts and beliefs.  It is possible, if the client is ready, to change negative or unwanted beliefs into positive ones, for instance this may help overcoming fears, phobias, unwanted habits and behaviours, addictions, emotional or even physical challenges.

Hypnotherapy is the most amazing tool for positively addressing stress levels and helping the Client to cope with life’s many challenges.

Hypnoslimmer is a dedicated programme of a minimum of four sessions and has a separate pricing structure too.


Hayley is a Hypnoslimmer Consultant. . .

Imagine the freedom of not even having to focus on food anymore and being able to spend time your precious time and energy on really living life, doing the things you love doing.

Everyone deserves to live a happy, healthy life and hypnotherapy is a great way assist you in making those changes towards optimum health and wellbeing, honouring your precious body and in turn having renewed confidence and vitality.  The Hypnoslimmer programme works and Hayley has personal experience of it’s many benefits- practice what you preach!). If you are 100% committed to the programme, then these tried and tested techniques can be truly miraculous. All completely natural and utilising your own amazing internal resources.

The techniques easily and effortlessly help you feel motivated to develop new healthy habits and discard old unwanted, unhealthy ones, so you can feel happier and more confident in your progression towards becoming your desired size and shape and much better health.  Check out the Hypnoslimmer website for additional information or contact Hayley. https://hypnoslimmer.eu/our-unique-system/

48 Hour Rule – If possible, please allow a couple of days for your therapy to bed in and take full effect before discussing it with others.  Sometimes it takes up to a week for you to process the session.  Like other therapies, hypnotherapy benefits may be quite subtle but over time can make a huge positive impact on your life.

Hayley is registered with the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council with whom her training is accredited.     The cost of a typical Clinical Hypnotherapy is £65.   Smoking Cessation is a much longer and more involved session with some pre work to do so is priced accordingly.


Thank you for our hypnotherapy sessions, you tailored them to just what I needed, my shape and size is getting there thanks to you and my confidence is growing!

Having taken part in the Hypnoslimmer programme, I can only say that the benefits were absolutely tangible.  As well as the standard four weekly sessions I added ‘bolt ons’ regarding Hypno Gastric Band, Mind Gym, Hypno Fast and Emotional Eating and my 1:1 sessions were tailored to the benefits I wanted to experience.  After 5 weeks I had an overall reduction of 21.2”/53cm from my legs, neck, tummy, waist and chest (with many areas reducing by between 4 and 5”).  My breathing and overall feeling of wellbeing & energy improved immensely, my clothes soon started to fit better and become looser and people around me commented on this.  The support, guidance and care that Hayley showed throughout the programme was fabulous.  I didn’t feel self-conscious or judged at any point and Hayley was there every step of the way with her reassuring guidance and support.  I really liked the focus on reduction of measurements rather than weight loss on scales, which I felt was far less stressful than other dieting methods insist on.  Some months on and I am still able to fast for 16 hours without any struggle whatsoever.  The programme was very easy to follow and the recordings are useful to use even after the initial programme has been completed, particularly the mind gym.  Thank Hayley for helping me start this journey!

Chuffed to bits to be a non smoker after more than 2 decades of wasting my money and health.   Having tried different strategies to quit . . . cold turkey, nicotine gum, patches, etc.  I wish I’d have gone down the route of hypnotherapy years ago.     To be honest I was unsure as to how effective my session was going to be, but the pre-session work helps a lot.  The session itself is a relaxing experience and I felt completely at ease throughout.  Three months after my session I go days/weeks without thinking about smoking.   Becoming a non smoker isn’t easy, but with a hypnotherapist help is very very doable.

I want to thank Hayley from the bottom of the heart.  From our consultation through to our zoom session, Hayley showed a calming and compassionate persona.  I was sceptical it would work for me, but it’s been life changing for me, I have never been so calm, peaceful and confident as I am today, the smile I woke up with has never left me.  So if like me you’re not sure if it will work for you, go into your session with an open mind, sit down, relax and enjoy it.  You will be amazed.  Two weeks later, I still feel like I have had the biggest hug ever.  I look forward to our next session.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.