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Reflexology is a specific pressure technique applied to the feet. Performed in a semi-reclined position – only shoes and socks need to be removed. Reflexology begins with a massage to warm up and relax the feet and ankles. Then the Therapist works around the feet and ankles using her thumbs and fingers. Reflexology ends with a soothing foot massage, leaving feet feeling warm, relaxed and soft.

Reflexology dates back to ancient civilisations and is based on the principles that the organs, glands and systems of the body are reflected in miniature on the feet and that energy flows through the body in 10 longitudinal zones. Specific pressure techniques are applied to the feet, which can help initiate and accelerate balance in the corresponding area of the body. There are over 7000 nerve endings around the feet and ankles and reflexology aims to stimulate as many of these as possible.

Reflexology can bring about the same sensations of relaxation as a full body massage.

Though no Therapist can promise specific results, over the years Hayley’s Clients have reported relief of symptoms of many common conditions and ailments after receiving reflexology.

Some clients prefer to lay on their front fully reclined and Reflexology can be done this way too (Reflex Therapy) and may include work on the backs of the legs through the blanket.  Hayley can use her forearm here to work the feet and ankles as well as work some traditional reflexology points on the feet and a relaxing foot massage concludes the therapy.

After Reflexology, Clients often say their feet feel very ‘opened up’ and ‘released’ and they have a feeling of ‘walking on air’.

I recently went to Hayley because I had been suffering from nasal congestion and crackling in my ears as a result of this. I decided to have ear candling carried out as I kept giving so many off the shelf remedies a go. It was a very relaxing experience and could feel the benefits as soon as my face was massaged at the same time. My head definitely felt clearer as a result of this treatment and won’t hesitate to have it done again. I have never gone for this sort treatment before and now I have had reflexology and a rejuvenating face massage carried out too. Both these treatments had the most amazing relaxing effect – I felt de-stressed and an immense sense of wellbeing. Highly recommended indeed!