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Many thanks to my clients for their kind genuine words, and for agreeing to them being published.

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Thank you for our hypnotherapy sessions, you tailored them to just what I needed, my shape and size is getting there thanks to you and my confidence is growing!

I want to thank Hayley from the bottom of the heart.  From our consultation through to our zoom session, Hayley showed a calming and compassionate persona.  I was sceptical it would work for me, but it’s been life changing for me, I have never been so calm, peaceful and confident as I am today, the smile I woke up with has never left me.  So if like me you’re not sure if it will work for you, go into your session with an open mind, sit down, relax and enjoy it.  You will be amazed.  Two weeks later, I still feel like I have had the biggest hug ever.  I look forward to our next session.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Having taken part in the Hypnoslimmer programme, I can only say that the benefits were absolutely tangible.  As well as the standard four weekly sessions I added ‘bolt ons’ regarding Hypno Gastric Band, Mind Gym, Hypno Fast and Emotional Eating and my 1:1 sessions were tailored to the benefits I wanted to experience.  After 5 weeks I had an overall reduction of 21.2”/53cm from my legs, neck, tummy, waist and chest (with many areas reducing by between 4 and 5”).  My breathing and overall feeling of wellbeing & energy improved immensely, my clothes soon started to fit better and become looser and people around me commented on this.  The support, guidance and care that Hayley showed throughout the programme was fabulous.  I didn’t feel self-conscious or judged at any point and Hayley was there every step of the way with her reassuring guidance and support.  I really liked the focus on reduction of measurements rather than weight loss on scales, which I felt was far less stressful than other dieting methods insist on.  Some months on and I am still able to fast for 16 hours without any struggle whatsoever.  The programme was very easy to follow and the recordings are useful to use even after the initial programme has been completed, particularly the mind gym.  Thank Hayley for helping me start this journey!

I write as a 73 year old convert. Facial Rejuvenation is the perfect treatment if you wish to shed a few years – and a few wrinkles – in total comfort and relaxation, without the potential risk and problems of a more invasive process. Following my first treatment, there was a noticeable improvement, but the longer lasting effects became obvious after the 5th session and it is now my intention to continue indefinitely with a monthly treatment to maintain the improvement – and to boost confidence! I have also noticed that my skin has improved, as it was previously very dry.

Chuffed to bits to be a non smoker after more than 2 decades of wasting my money and health.   Having tried different strategies to quit . . . cold turkey, nicotine gum, patches, etc.  I wish I’d have gone down the route of hypnotherapy years ago.     To be honest I was unsure as to how effective my session was going to be, but the pre-session work helps a lot.  The session itself is a relaxing experience and I felt completely at ease throughout.  Three months after my session I go days/weeks without thinking about smoking.   Becoming a non smoker isn’t easy, but with a hypnotherapist help is very very doable.

I went to Hayley because I had been suffering from nasal congestion and crackling in my ears as a result of this. I decided to have ear candling carried out as I kept giving so many off the shelf remedies a go. It was a very relaxing experience and could feel the benefits as soon as my face was massaged at the same time. My head definitely felt clearer as a result of this treatment and won’t hesitate to have it done again. I have never gone for this sort treatment before and now I have had reflexology and a rejuvenating face massage carried out too. Both these treatments had the most amazing relaxing effect – I felt de-stressed and an immense sense of wellbeing. Highly recommended indeed!

I’ve tried many therapies and facial rejuvenation is the most relaxing I’ve ever had and the results are amazing. I want one every week!

Reflexology really helps me sleep and I wake feeling energised, which is very unusual for me as I have rheumatoid arthritis. It also helps with my pain relief and mobility too.

My pain has just gone after only a few weekly treatments of Indian Champissage. Before this, the pain in my shoulders, head and neck was tremendous and constant and I didn’t know what to do with myself. It seemed to stem from tension in my neck which I think originated from a very old whiplash injury. Before this I was taking up to 8 nurofen a day, not knowing which way to turn, as my GP said he could do nothing for me. The Indian Champissage was very relaxing and enjoyable, and I was very sleepy afterwards. The next day the pain was much lighter. I had weekly treatment the next week and after the 3rd treatment I was only taking 1 nurofen at night. After the 7th treatment I have stopped taking them altogether. How amazing after such a short time. Hayley has been my angel, freeing me from pain. I would highly recommend her. I eventually progressed to having the therapy every 6 weeks as maintenance.

This massage released muscular problems in my neck, shoulders and back no other form of treatment has. A body and mind workout which left me feeling refreshed, deeply nurtured, free and agile in movement and clear headed. Highly recommended to everyone who cares about themselves.

Our reception and nursing staff are always under pressure – there often isn’t time to deal with one task fully before having to attend to the next one. They manage to cope with this pressure – appearing pleasant, unflustered and competent. As employers we do not always remember to acknowledge how much stress the staff absorb – and offering the team a massage on a regular basis seems to be a very practical way of both recognising the problem – and trying to do something about it. All the staff appreciated the experience and the sense of being valued and, as their employer, I feel it enhanced the team spirit within the surgery.

As a company our staff take advantage of the services offered by Hayley Drakes and find the sessions very beneficial and her style of operation very professional. As an Executive and Management Coach I have no hesitation in recommending to our clients the benefits of taking on board the corporate therapy services offered by Hayley.