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Tips for Self-Help

Here are a few simple exercises for self help…


SHOULDER ROLLS – One of the most simple, yet effective exercises to loosen tight and stiff shoulders is to roll them in slow circles backwards, make the circles as large as is comfortable and as slow as possible. You will be working the muscles, joints and tendons and ligaments in the shoulder region and may even feel warmth and tingling up and down your spine, which indicates that you are also stimulating your nervous system. Always move slowly and carefully when doing any movements.


These points may feel a little tender or bruised if the corresponding areas on your body are out of balance.

To alleviate HEADACHES, massage the thumb pads. If your headache is on just one side, then massage the pads on that side only.

For SHOULDER problems, massage the area under the little finger (on the same side as the shoulder problem) or both sides if you have general shoulder tension.

For ANXIETY and STRESS massage with your other thumb a point slightly above the centre of your palm, in line with your middle finger. This relates to the solar plexus and has a calming effect.


Sit down in a comfortable chair. Steady breathing helps us to be calm and relax, breathe in for the count of 1 and out for the count of 2 several times, then breathe in for the count of 2 and out for the count of 4 several times. This encourages slow, deeper breathing instead of shallow breathing and the longer out breaths mean the lungs fully empty before filling again with fresh oxygenated air.


With your shoulders rolled back and downwards away from the ears, stand against a wall, with your heels touching the skirting board, your bottom, shoulders and the back of your head touching the wall and you will be ‘standing up straight’.

Hayley discusses with clients a variety of self-help tips depending on their individual needs, taken from various Holistic Therapies.