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Infant Massage Instruction

AD2Learn how to massage your infant. Suitable for babies from 6 weeks old.

Mums, dads, grandparents and siblings can learn this useful skill.

Massage of babies and infants is centuries old and practiced in many cultures. The benefits to both parties have recently been recognised in the West.

The instinctive stroking of an infant to calm, soothe, nurture and protect them is a baby’s first experience of massage.

A wonderful way of bonding with the infant and relaxing for both parties. It is pleasurable, uninterrupted quality time for the person massaging and the infant, helping develop confidence in handling the infant and improving self-esteem. It can also help with post-natal depression.

The best time to massage your child is after their bath and before bed. Make it part of the bedtime routine to help your child’s sleep patterns (and in turn yours!). If another time of day is appropriate for the massage, ensure your child is not expected to be energetic afterwards and can sleep, rest or play gently.InfantMsg3

Other benefits your infant may experience include: help with digestion (colic and constipation); relief of chest and nasal congestion; improved co-ordination and physical and mental development; development of senses; improved joint mobility and muscle tone; reduction of stress and anxiety; help with birth trauma; calming a fractious or hyperactive infant; improve skin texture and appearance; stimulation of circulation, respiratory, nervous and immune systems; improved communication and social awareness; aids emotional well-being.

Infant Massage Mothers LearningThe instruction is done over three 1 hour sessions and the sessions are designed to be fun and stress-free for all. Written information and a bottle of Sunflower Oil will be given to anyone learning the infant massage.
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