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A Japanese technique for Stress Relief and Relaxation. 

Reiki is a Japanese word, meaning Universal Life Energy. The universal energy flows through, not from, the practitioner. It is not a religion or belief system and can be learned by anyone.

Reiki is an energy therapy which is said to accelerate the body’s own natural ability to feel really well and in balance, on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.  The Reiki Practitioner places both hands either gently on or above the Client, which ‘opens’ up the body’s energy channels and helps to clear any energy blockages that may be affecting the flow of Ki (or Qi/energy).

Quantum Physics states that everything in the universe is energy and everything in the universe is connected.  Reiki and intuitive practices can be explained in this way too.  The Client draws the positive energy and it flows to wherever it is needed.  The Reiki Practitioner works with a positive intention at all times for the greater good of the Client.  Reiki can help with the symptoms of a wide range of physical and emotional problems, and is also useful to maintain good health or as a preventative measure.

Reiki is suitable for people of all ages of people, including pregnant women and those recovering from surgery and for all sentient beings, in fact, Hayley has a particular interest in working with animals using Reiki.  Plants can also respond positively to Reiki.

Reiki is not intended to replace the advice or treatment of a medical practitioner, but can be used alongside other therapies and treatments to enhance the healing process.

The Client is clothed and kept cosy with a blanket for a Reiki treatment and can be seated or lying down, whichever is more comfortable.

Clients often report feeling deeply relaxed during the session which is like being in a lovely meditative state and the sense of calm and serenity often stays for a good while after the session has finished.

The day to day worries of being a full time working mum definitely meant I needed a “time out” treatment just for me. I opted to try out a full Reiki treatment as I had heard wonderful things about the positive effects of Reiki. When I experienced it for myself, I was absolutely amazed at the wonderful feelings of calmness and serenity it gave me afterwards and I felt extremely relaxed and definitely less stressed.  It inspired me to do the training myself. Thanks Hayley!